«New York, verssion two» por Enrique Germán Martínez marino poeta

First of all I would like to thank all of you for your presence at this small piece of Argentine land, Frigate LIBERTAD and on behalf of my crew, as representatives of the Argentine Nation, I’m pleased to give you a warm and friendly welcome aboard.

My country and my Navy are very pleased to fly our flag here in New York City, once again for the eleventh time in the last thirty five years.  Personally I’m proud of being the last CO of this millennium to bring the LIBERTAD to NYC, since my own father was the first to do this in 1964 as CO, in the second training cruise of this Frigate.

For many years now, the relationship between the United States and Argentina has progressed with varying intensity.  And during the last few years, a new dimension of alliance between our governments and armed forces has formed.

Therefore, as a result of this close relationship, LIBERTAD is in New York City, and next week in Miami (where the Southern Command of the US is situated), opening wide its gangplanks to all visitors exchanging goodwill and friendship.

And as an additional example of this new diplomacy Argentina participated alongside the Armed Forces of the US in Haiti and the Persian Gulf, in defense of the ideals of peace, justice, and liberty which are profoundly ingrained in the hearts of the Argentine people.

But this is not the only example of alliance between the US and Argentina.  Our Navies maintain periodic activities such as Strategic Staff Talks between the highest level of naval leadership, and agreements through Operative Committees, with the objective of increasing the interoperability between our forces.

There also exists operations at sea such as UNITAS that has taken place annually for the last forty years.  And every year, many young argentine naval officers sail on United States’ ships and participate in diverse programs of military assistance.

These activities are an eloquent demonstration of the harmonious and intense relations maintained by our governments and Armed Forces that projects itself toward a future full of hope.

Now, one of my responsibilities as commanding officer is to complete the professional and cultural profile of our midshipmen and integrate them to the life at sea. During this trip we have been distinguished with the presence of an officer of the US NAVY, Ensign Miguel GRANDA together with many other officers from national military institutions and other world Navies, who will continue to strengthen this beneficial relationship.

Finally, as the commanding officer of this ambassador Tall Ship, I appreciate the kindness of your hospitality and cordiality that we have received every time we visit the coasts of the United States of America. I pray to God that the sight of this sailing vessel may live forever in your hearts as a message of friendship from the Argentine Nation to the people of  the United States.


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